Sunday, February 18, 2007

New haircut

This is it. I finally gathered courage to do what I should have done years ago: I got my hair cut.
It was about time too, it was five years ago I last went to the hairdressers, and in the meantime, my hair grew incredibly long. The good thing about it was that my hair started to curl at the ends, giving me a more feminine look, but at the same time, wearing my hair in a ponytail all the time, just letting it grow, was very boring and very geek-like.
In the end it was so long that I could not wear it loose while dancing (it would get caught all the time) and I could not wear it up in a nice way while dancing witout the elastic bands falling out every few minutes. This might not sound like a big problem to you, but if you go dancing five or six times a week, you will understand my frustration.
So I went to the hairdressers and asked her to cut my hair, so it would still be long, but with some layers in front. She said that she would have to cut it quite a bit shorter to make it look nice with the layer effect and she showed me some pictures in a magazine to illustrate her idea. I agreed to let her take of a good deal of the length, and she cut the end of the ponytail for me to keep. When she finished cutting, I saw that it was quite a lot shorter than what she had shown me on the photos, almost half a meter shorter than it used to be. I am a bit sad that it she made it that short, and I miss my curly ponytail. However, the layer effect is nice, and suits my face much better than just straight hair drawn back. Even better, I can wear it loose and it will still look nice, so I can dance like crazy without worrying about my hair. So now I will enjoy all the advantages of my new haircut, and if I continue to miss my curls, I will just let my hair grow long again...

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