Sunday, April 08, 2007

Saturday salsa

I spent the whole afternoon at the Santo Rico dance school, first practising spinning and footwork with Lisette, and then joining an intermediate partnerwork workshop. In the evening I went to the 'Salsa VIP' party at Stepping Out Studios (even though the flyer said 'dress to impress' most people were wearing jeans). Two great live performances took place, first the Masacote show group from Boston in their white suits and black/white hairstyles, and then a spectacular show by Mambo D! That guy really knows how to move his feet!

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Blogger nolachocolat said...

woooooowww impressing..
lot of sightseeing and LOTS OF SALSA..
I think you are an addict ;-)
That's great !!

6:43 PM  

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