Monday, November 02, 2009


Lately I have been dreaming a lot about driving and travelling. Always going somewhere with some friends or family, and the setting is always somewhere away from home; a small village, narrow mountain roads, a glacier, or an open field at high altitude - sometimes with snow.
A few days ago I had a particular beautiful memory from my dreams. I was (with friends/family?) in a sort of tram in the shadow of the mountain, and when I looked around I saw the most marvelous mountainscape of yellow-green mountainsides, bathed in the last rays of the setting sun, against a clear (autumn?) sky.

I googled mountainscape and found this photo that reminds me of my dreamview.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The enormous chocolate shop

I dreamt of an enormous chocolate shop. No, not a shop made of chocolate, but a shop selling chocolate: bonbons, marcipan, cakes and the like. And the shop was big - like a supermarket. And although I took my time to explore it, I did not even see it all. All chocolate was arranged on plates set on tables covered with white cloth, which gave the whole shop a very exclusive look. I found it strange that the items near the counter turned out to be also chocolate, but from known brands like Toblerone bars and marcipan from Anton Berg. Funny how you remember strange details from dreams...

Illustration courtesy: White Rabbit Chocolate

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Green yellow cabs

Last night I dreamt I was in New York, I was on my way out to go dancing with my sister. I saw the streets were filled with yellow cabs as usual, but then I noticed something strange: the colours of the cabs were changing. When they were driving normally, they were yellow, but when they were holding still or running slow as in a traffic jam, they would change to green.

I do not remember from where, but somehow my subconsciousness has picked up the headline that "NY yellow cabs to go green by 2012" and woven it into my dream in this special way. I had forgotten everything about this news item until I told my dream to a friend and realised that I had read something about the yellow cabs recently. Funny how the mind works.

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