Sunday, September 09, 2007

sleepy week

The whole week has been a characterized by a jet-lag-like sleepiness. However, I am convinced that the six hour time difference from NY to AMS is not the source of my tiredness, rather I think the cause is the whole week of the messed up sleep pattern I practised in New York. Everything comes with a cost, and the cost of making the most of my time in New York, both in terms of dancing, socialising and site-seeing was the consistent lack of sleep. Now I am back in Nijmegen, and more or less back in my old routine...

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jet lag?

No, not really. Dozing off during lectures is not unusual, even if you are in your own timezone and have had all the sleep you need. :)
I have this bad habit of waking early in the morning (as I have described before), and now I know that it is light-dependent. Here I wake up as I do at home, when it gets light outside, which is currently around 6:30 local time. Then I get tired when it gets dark, unless something keeps me active (e.g. dancing), but after a 14 hour day of scientific talks, I rather go directly to bed than try to stay awake.

Illustration courtesy: The Economist - Beat the jet lag

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